Here are some resources to help you create your own Peak Performance Bubble. Reading 15 minutes each day will do great things for every area of your life!

Downloads (Referred to in Choose Excellent Health)

The Puzzle                                    
How to read a food label
What's the deal with fat
Creating your bubble
5 Year Timeline
Paleo Cupboard Shopping List
Powerful Questions

Recommended Reading to create fine thought.
Books for Your Health
Books on Leadership                                               
Books on Selling
Books on Skills for Life
Questions for Self Reflection

Talk Notes
Churchie Event- 5 Shades of Powerful, Vibrant Women

2 excellent cook books as a starting point to improve the calibre of your nutrition! Click on the covers and you can access a free 30 page pdf as a sample thanks to Author Melissa Joulwan. Try the Chocolate Chilli... AWESOME!!