Medical Mastermind



The Medical Mastermind Soft Skills series made up of 6 x 1 hour workshops, gives you a suite of options that you can invest into raising the calibre and quality of your personal and professional life. You will learn new ways of incorporating the skills of being an exceptional Medical Professional with the skills of being an exceptional Human Being to accomplish a life well lived!


We explore a profound set of skills that help position you for a rewarding career and a great life.

During medical training a majority of focus is on building the knowledge and skill sets to be diagnostically and clinically astute.

You launch into to a career pathway of working with patients, colleagues, multiple institutions, private practice, staff, a constantly evolving health system, Department Directors, contract negotiations, conflict resolution, leading teams, keeping up to date, working under intense pressure, fast paced, multi directional, emotionally demanding… how hard can it be and that’s all before lunch! 

Meanwhile, you desire a happy, healthy personal life that gives you joy, rewarding relationships, fun, good health, adventure and success.


Our conversations are framed by these questions and explored through the Critical Alignment Model…

  • Do you want a successful career or a career that makes you successful?
  • What does a successful life look like?
  • What do you want to do vs. how do you want to live?
  • Have you considered being the architect of your life when it comes to lifestyle design?
  • How do you build effective teams in complex environments?
  • How important is it for you to be able to work effectively with people?
  • Do your skills and goals have focussed direction?
  • Do you know how to disrupt and innovate yourself as a Professional?
  • Are there ways to keep a resourcesful attitude when working in difficult situations?


Critical Alignment Model

E- Environment (Why)

  • What is my personal culture?
  • Who am I at my core?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • What’s my ideal future?
  • Does who I’m being connect with my future vision?


S- Structure (What)

  • What is my environment?
  • What are my habits?
  • Do I constantly raise my standards?
  • Am I consistently thinking above the line?


I- Implementation (How)

  • What am I willing to do, focus on, give up, delegate, connect deeply with, do more of, stop doing, let go of?
  • What is my average ideal day?


P- People (Who)

  • Who am I spending time with?
  • How do I impact the people around me?
  • Am I supporting and championing people close to me?