Kickass Communication


The pace and complexity of business continues to intensify and we need to enhance our communication to match. With millions of digital connections hitting us every day, the power of off-line communication skills grows every day.

All our major accomplishments are created through conversations with the right person. In this workshop we explore the foundational principles of connection and communication.


We explore...

  • Why our intentions speak louder than our words
  • What is your customer philosophy
  • What is your current communication style
  • How to give your communication influence and momentum
  • The exotic and mysterious principles of intention from 1936 that Warren Buffet considers his best investment
  • Conflict resolution and confident conversations


You will now be able to...

  • Use the foundational principles of connection and communication to multiply your results
  • Create a personalised communication strategy that resonates with your clients
  • Keep up with the increasing pace of communication as the dynamics of business change
  • Have advanced communication skills to position yourself as a key collaborator
  • Be comfortable in managing conflict/challenging situations
  • Have a considerred understanding of the intent and impact of your communication