About Murray

As a powerful keynote speaker and workshop facilitator Murray inspires audiences to appreciate, a healthy body with an innovative mind opens up a new world of extraordinary potential!

Beginning his professional life as a Chef, Murray moved into the fitness industry in 1985. At the height of his career more than 10 000 people a year participated in his action packed workouts. The number of STEP classes he led equaled climbing to the top of the Empire State Building and down again 322 times each year! Murray progressed to working internationally with one of the worlds big Pharmaceutical companies. His experience in sales, marketing, leadership and delivering results in complex environments led him to coaching, writing and now moving towards his second book. “My multidimensional career, while unusual at the time, seems to have been a preview of what our multifaceted careers will look like in the future.”

He is the Author of Choose Excellent Health, "the simplest book about health on the planet!" Murray's second book 'Made For Amazing' will be published in the second half of 2017

As a guest lecturer at Adelaide University, University of QLD School of Business, The Translational Research Institute, Otago University and Griffith University’s Wellness Leader and Ambassador Program, Murray shares his expertise in working with Change, Communication, Wellbeing and Peak Performance.

Having presented to 1000’s of people in many countries, he dives into the why and how of looking after your health and it’s direct impact on performance, leadership, decision making, communication, happiness and healthy longevity.

Murray's passion is communicating ideas that help people unleash their potential.  "We all have things we would like to express at a higher level of performance, to increase our capacity and it's rewarding to explore those things."